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Do cartridges affect TV display?


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I don't remember this problem with my Harmony cart when I first got it. I was the one who dropped a micro SD card in it and had to open it to get it out. My display seems to be much worse with the Harmony than with my Ladybug cart or other older carts. Is it possible that my poor understanding of how to open a cart resulted in damage that affects the TV display when I play games?

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I have not experienced any difference between the 32 in 1 and Harmony. Over here, it all depends how exactly I tune up the RF signal. Personally I like to tune it manually as the TV automaticly tunes the picture a bit dull. I do get some horizontal interference lines here and there but the sharper picture is what wins. More or less like the composite and you do not butcher the system. Original TIA signal baby.

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