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Atari 400 poster?

Smokeless Joe

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I was watching a video of the Atari 400 In-Store Demonstration Cartridge:



And I couldn't take my eyes off the poster in the background. It's clearly a poster for the Atari 400, but where did it come from?


I also couldn't identify the various programs shown on the poster. I see Space Invaders, Kingdom, 3D Tic Tac Toe and a couple Caverns of Mars, but what else is on there?

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Hi. That's me and my poster. I have the matching Atari 800 poster too. Got them both on ebay, they were expensive. The plane one is indeed conversational French.


By chance, are the part numbers listed on the bottom of either poster? it would be nice to be able to search for those specific items.

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Very cool. Thanks for the info!


I would also like a jpg, or at least moderate to high quality photo of the whole thing. And one of the 800 poster, if it's not too inconvenient. Please?


It looks like there are five columns and nine+ rows of pictures/text, with the two columns on the far right only seen at the end of the video, starting around 3:47. Going top-to-bottom and left to right, with the first two being the upper right hand "half rows", I'm seeing:


? - ?

? - text

Space Invaders - ? - Video Easel - ? - ?

text - Kingdom - Super Breakout - text - ?

Blackjack - Conversational French - ? - ? - ?

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe - text - Basketball - SCRAM - text

? - Caverns of Mars - ? - ? - ?

? - ? - text - ? - Biorythym

Caverns of Mars - Computer Chess - ? - ? - ?

So yeah, there are a lot of those I don't/can't recognize. Anyone able to fill in the blanks?
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Here are a couple of hi-res versions that I'll leave up for a while:






I noticed that the posters have some little problems with the tiny copyright text at the bottom - I think it may have been inadvertently switched. The text at the bottom of the 400 poster references an item that is only shown on the 800 poster. You can't see that in the pix.

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I suppose that might be possible. I guess that involves getting high-quality scans (tricky because the posters are large) then cleaning them up, then getting them to a poster printer. At the moment, that all seems like more work than I'm interested in.

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