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TMS9918 with 48 sprites, more than 16 colors on the same screen?


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Apparently it is possible to reuse sprites further down the screen. If 48 sprites (double sized) are possible then 96 sprites (not double sized) should also be possible. Moving them vertically will be an extra challenge. Tursi has proved that you could use the VDP collision detection to get a fix on a scanline or thereabout which should be good enough. Maybe the fifth sprite on a line can be used too. Otherwise you basically have to count you way down the screen using the CPU. Reusing sprites later which for certain has been drawn.


Tursi has demonstrated more than 16 colors using the flicker technique. One frame show one color and the next shows another. The two may blend more or less to form a new color. You could also display green, then green, then dark green, and restart, in theory introducing more flicker, but also more than 105 colors.


Here's a demo of 105 colors. You might have to turn on CPU Overdrive to enjoy.



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