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New Harmony product: Harmony Encore


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I was behind a Kia Forte in traffic today.


On one hand I thought, soeone clearly had the same ideas and didn't think the name was so bad.


On the other hand, the Kia Forte is a cheap little econobox. I mean if it were a sports car, I wouldn't even be posting this thread. But it's like one of their cheapest cars. So now I'm rethinking this.


Any other ideas? Keep them coming!


Sorry, I still don't like Plus.

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Sorry, I still don't like Plus.


Just remember that they're not posting Harmony Plus, they're posting Harmony+. Easy to type. Easy to say. Easy to basically understand what it's supposed to be.


If you create more Harmony products in the future for the Atari 7800 and whatever else, it might become confusing if there is Harmony Forte and Harmony Chakumplick and Harmony Plooduncle and Harmony Farnible and Harmony Yamtinkle. . .


If you are allergic to Harmony+, hopefully someone can think of something that has instant meaning to the average person.


Here are two more names to think about:


Harmony Prime


Harmony Elite



[To other people posting ideas, remember that we already have Harmony Standard and Harmony Deluxe.]

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Or we could just add a utility that alters the firmware with the users own logo on boot. Then everyone could label their own flash cart as they please.


EBAY: Super RARE!!!111!!! OMFG Pre-release Harmony "My Ass" cart, only available at NWCGE swapmeet!!! One11!!11oFaKiNd!


$1000,00 BIN

Best Offer (of $800, rejected)



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Still prefer Harmony+ but at least Harmony Encore rolls of the tongue a little better than Harmony Forte. :)


Here are another couple to throw in the ring:


Harmony 2014

Harmony Muse

Harmony 100

Harmony 2



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(I'll even post pictures of the sexual lubricants with each of these names if people get too finicky. I probably still have bottles of stuff named Platinum and Elite. They're probably pretty grim after being packed in a box for 7 or 8 years in a garage with no climate control.)

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I am a fan of Harmony+ or Harmony Encore. They both say "revision" in my eyes.


Secondly, why no Boulder Dash on the new Harmony? It should be playable if it allows up to 512k.


Thirdly, can you have an INI that allows to pick the folder for the default BIN folder? It really helps in navigating.


Fourthly...?, the $25 upgrade should include return shipping in the continental US IMHO (from a person that got theirs on Christmas 2013). It's a nice round number and sounds better than $25+ship.


Finally, I think there should be a cased version. I mocked one up and it came out well.





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