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[Aquarius] Assembler for Aquarius with TNIASM


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TNIASM was used to compile Boot Loader BASIC

TASM is used with a lot of old assembly code talk about here and there.

It's going to come up from time to time and we are likely going to want to move some code from one assembler to another.


This thread is a fresh start from the [AQUARIUS] Machine Language Programming on the Aquarius

As we are going to fumble around with new material in here.

Getting dz80 and reading up on this post should be helpful.


I'm not sure exactly where to start:


How do you do hello world?

How do you make the Aquarius wait for input?

How do you drop back to BASIC from a machine code routine?

How do we loop through the character set and print them to screen?


Aquarian minds want to know.


Attached is the Kenny Millar Aquarius ROM Disassemble.

I do not know what assembler assembles that.



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