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PRO(C) ATARI - new printed atari 8bit magazine


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Hi AtariAge followers...


this is Markus from Germany and today I post the result of an idea grew the past months inside me,

In the 80ies / 90ies I had my own Atari mailorder called Powersoft, coded some Software and

released some magazine (commercial and Public Domain) and wrote for german related press like

Atari Magazine and Zong, just to name a few.


No I want release again an Atari related magazine to support the great homebrew scene we just have.

I print the magazines at home with my small printery (as I need this machines for my main job) and

will do it all three months, but step by step:


The name

I was thinking of a cool name and finally I found it in this nice creation

PRO ATARI - sure what we mean

PROC ATARI - it is in Turbo Basic and other code languages the syntax of beginning of a subroutine.


so at the end

PRO© ATARI was born...


I will release the magazin in A5 format with envelope pro printed full colo in gloosy paper, inside more old school character, will say most text, but also some screen shots, but with easy layout. the magazines should bring us back a bit to the glory days...


First I thought to write a lot of old faishoned stuff. But I recognize when I dig again after year mroe deep into the scene, it is still a lot happening here. We got a great homebrew scene which is worth to write about.

As for me it is important the magazine will be read, I decided the following way:


The magazine is written in german (english version of the maagzine is planned, but read more later here) and I made an agreement with ABBUC club to include the magazine which is A5 size and containing 32-40 pages to the shipments of the Abbuc magazine, so we got readers of at least 400, even more per issue...


in all retro styled press there will be news and reviews of PRO© atari...


I also think to convert it to english language also, more about this fact at the end of this text.


As the magazine is spreaded for free I ask for some donations and will call a price for direct shipments to receover the costs a bit. also I plan a shop with nice atari related stuff (like music tapes and more, infos soon) to offer the produts and support the magazine with buying it.


Also I search for helping hands, please get in touch with me by PM here if you think you want to write something about, maybe I can include it, every help is welcome. Also I search for maniacs for the following:



I want to do also a homepage for the magazine. to include the shop there and bring hot infos about the magazine PRO© ATARI and also the paypal donation buttons. The homepage will be located on my server for my company here, so you do not need to spend bucks for any server. The domain I already reserved.



I want included to my homepage a shop to offer some cool atari related stuff. any help is welcome.



for he cover of the magazine I search for cool art artists... anyone here???


this is I guess the most important now here in this forum. we can do an english version also if we go enough interest. the interst starts with 25 sold units of the magazine. for the magazine I would ask for approx 2 euro plus postage. I need to calculate again the real costs for the magazine. but something like this...


but I need next to the interest also help... best would be a translator bringing the text from german to english already. if there is interest in english issue and no translator available, I would do it myself and need someone (best english or american) to bring the translates text into well and gramatical correct english...


also I search for any NEWS, HOMEBREW stuff, even if it is in progress. I can spread the news also to several magazines here around... so ANYTHING is welcome. do not hesitate to contact me.


firstly here by PM, as soon the PRO© ATARI email is in work, I will let you know.


now firstly, your thoughts and anyone here want to help in building this magazine?


all the best


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The Magazine is nearly ready to go...

Anyone here might translate it from german to english?

So we can do an english version too?

There is no studied english necessary, I guess I got someone aside can finalize the english version (grammatical, correct words etc) but first I need helping hand to do it from german to english.


If we got an english version we can also do a polish version out of it...


First issue will contain 32 pages...

Game Reviews, Interviews, a big report vom therealbountybob (doing here the Atari Age High Score Club) and much more...

Nice 8bit cover art by Kaz, so watch out...


Anyone here can help out with translation?


All the best


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first issue is at last steps. A real killer just added today to the magazine.


The magazine is written in german.

I search someone who can translate the magazine to english.

It musn't be perfect english, I think I got some one on my side can convert the school english to english.

Than there will be also available an english version.


If I find nobody I try myself, but for me it is missing time to realize that.

Also: If we got an english version there is one real maniac who wants to translate it to polish.


So if I find someone for german to english translation, the magazine will be available in two more languages...


Please find attached a look onto the cover which was finished today.

The directory is just a part o it, a lot more will be included to the magazine.

At the moment there are three interviews for example at total...


Thanks for this work go out to:


Frank Erstling (he releases the german magazine RETURN) and done the nice logo and the art of the cover


and to


KAZ for his great Atari GFX he agreed to use for this cover.


For me it looks amazing...





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Just to let you know that I have offered to help Markus with the translating from German to English. I lived in Southern Germany a few years ago and have always wanted to keep a grasp on the language as I am not using it from day-to-day anymore. This will be a good opportunity to help me maintain and perhaps improve my German knowledge. At least I won't have to write any German, that isn't my strength.


I think that it may be a mammoth task to take on, but I really want the English speaking world to benefit from this magazine.


The English version will be used as the basis for a Polish version which Markus already has a translator for.


I may well even submit my own report or two for the magazine, that is if I get time to do so with all of the translating.


Good luck to Markus and I hope that he gets all the support that he can towards this magazine. Markus, you deserve it!




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As soon as things going more closer and we got a time shedule for release we will call here for partners for selling in countries. Cos the postage from Germany will be much higher than the magazine will cost. The Magazine will be it looks like Euro 1,50 plus postage... This price we can hold as long we got also the advertisements on the envelope sold...


So any contact for companies and mailorders would be cool. Or if there is anyone taking care of the sellings in his country. But more infos soon...


PDF or Online Magazine NEVER was ANY option... We do it the old school way (design etc)...


Only 8bit is real !!! ;-)

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Hi David,


please take a look to this post here...

When things coming closer I will post them here.

So everybody can involve.


Nevertheless I searching for cool reports for second issue.

So if anyone would write something for issue 2, please send me an email to




to see if the idea will work with the magazine.


German issue will be available in 3-4 weeks.

English version will follow some weeks later.

Steve will do a cool job for translating,

Sadly Steve and me just lived 50km distance in the past and never knew...


I will keep you here updated.


All the best


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It is getting KILLER ladies and gentlemen...


snicklin from england lived long time in germany (just 50km from me away).

He already started converting the magazine to english!

so official release of PRO© ATARI will be together with next issue of ABBUC magazine, approx end of march.

I think if snicklin continue and powersoft do nice old school layouts we can release the same point of time also the english version!!!

I think both will do killer job, otherwise we kick powersoft's ass, eh :? :)


@davidcalgary29 & w1k

I would spread the magazine as much as I can. I think the biggest problem is the postage. as postage will be for one magazine as double much as the price of the issue will be.. I think things will be easier if people can purchase in their own country. any sources in canada and US available?


THANKS for you support...




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In my opinion, price up to 5euro for the magazine is acceptable, but making just german or polish version is quite pointless.

In my boook everyone knows english up to the point it understandable to read anything atari related.

German version - well, i guess this one is "for free" since you may have most of your articless written in it (but then again, you might get suprised and you'll spend more time translating into german than into english after first issue), but polish? Why? English is learnt in every elementary school or high school, and you learn it whether you want or not

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hi candle,


there is a small missunderstood...


magazine is written in german

and I got steve on my side who translate the whole magazine as it is in english


and upfront I got an email from someone who will translate to polish, but I have no 100% confirmation yet.


but german and english is secure...


30 sides german are ready

8 sides english are ready


so let's rock...




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Sure, but think - will you be able to get articles in German for each issue?

I belive that some folks, from Poland, UK, or US could write something and send it over to your place so you could judge whether they are good enough to publish them or not - it is hard to push any cart by oneself for long

in the long run, you may find that these German articles are - say 30% of whole issue, and rest is either in English or Suahili for sake of conversation

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Sure, but think - will you be able to get articles in German for each issue?

I belive that some folks, from Poland, UK, or US could write something and send it over to your place so you could judge whether they are good enough to publish them or not - it is hard to push any cart by oneself for long

in the long run, you may find that these German articles are - say 30% of whole issue, and rest is either in English or Suahili for sake of conversation

I presume English articles will be translated by Markus into German, could be wrong though.


As for Suahilli, I then presume he is looking for people to translate into German, for example. Or maybe into English first.

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