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Jakks Golden Tee Golf


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Hi new to the forum , looking for some help . Just got this Jakks golden tee golf . Like it alot . was wanting to try and change the trackball to a real golden tee happ ball . I would put everything in a new box for it . Do you think it could be done ? if so how hard do you think it would be .. Thanks Jim



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I have no modding experience, and I thought at first you just meant using a real Golden Tee ball--as in replacing only the ball, not the whole trackball assembly--but yes, I think it could be done. At least, as long as the real GT ball assembly's current and voltage requirements can be met by the Jakks product. That's a consumer product that runs on 6V (4 AA batteries), right? An arcade trackball runs on whatever comes out of the AC/DC converter in that cabinet. I've never installed an arcade trackball in anything, so I don't know what the numbers are, but if it all fits and you can figure out how to match up the pinouts (another potential hard part), I'd guess it's doable.



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