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Atari programming memoir

Harbour Master

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I manage a PC gaming website but my history was founded in Atari 8-bit gaming. I wrote a series of articles on 8-bit gaming a couple of years ago but I've just written something new on the Atari: a more personal look back at what progamming was actually like. It might bring back memories for anyone who grew up with an Atari 800 in the home. Here it is if you're interested:

Learning Curve

In time, we got a disk drive and no longer had to endure the disgrace and danger of storing programs on tape. I also took on the challenge of machine language, becoming astonished at how much code you needed to accomplish, like, anything. I worked on small routines in machine language and made edits to games directly on disk to give them more lives or, even better, infinite lives.


Thanks all,
Joel (HM)

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+Adam+, thank you! I also did a video "eulogy" of my Atari childhood a couple of years ago. Basically, 12 minutes of Atari nostalgia featuring titles such as Alternate Reality, Mercenary, The Lurking Horror and, of course, Star Raiders. I don't provide a list of the games that appear, so you could also think of it as a challenge to name every title.

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Thanks for your memories. I can somehow relate to your experience as I programmed my 800 in Assembler but despite various attempts and several languages bought/downloaded/installed on subsequent (ST/TT/PC/Mac) systems never attained the same level of programming proficiency I had on my first Atari. Blamed it on university, having a girlfriend, starting to work (non-IT) but maybe it was a bit of not wanting to learn lots of new stuff such as GUI programming and C.

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