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Tursi's EA5XB loader causing reboot.


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Hi All,


I am having trouble with this loader from the Harmless Lion website. 1st of all I have not tried it on a real TI yet, but have tried Classic 99, Mess, and Win994a.

I boot into Extended basic, load the program ok, but then no matter what else I try it just causes a reboot.

Anything I enter, whether DSK1.DEFENDER, DSK1, CS1, basically everything causes an immediate reboot.


Any Ideas? My programming knowledge is practically non existent, but better than 2 weeks ago when I started messing around with this.


Basically what I am hoping to achieve is to load DSK based games, like defender, parsec, by CS1 via Extended basic. I can find various references to cassette loaders like LOADER-LOAD from

here -- http://shawweb.myzen.co.uk/stephen/artic13.htm.


There was also a reference in one of the "Smart programmer" issues 1986-07 to be exact, but I have no idea how to implement that, a combination of basic and assembly code is provided.


The only original hardware I have left from 30 years ago is Extended basic, boy am I glad I kept that. I have acquired 3 TI's from Ebay, 1 of them is not what was pictured in the ad, and have opened an ebay

case about that. Any help would be much appreciated, I know others have posted about loading from cassette before.

Life will get easier soonish as I have ordered parts to make the Guidry v3 carts and have also enquired about getting a nanoPEB, but still would like to figure how to get this working via CS1 and XB.

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Any help would be much appreciated,


Give the BOOT MENU program at this URL: ftp://whtech.com/f18a/ a try.

IMHO, it's the best menu loader that I have personally seen or used (for Extended BASIC).


P.S. While is say's BOOT-F18A it'll work just fine on a regular TI without the F18A VDP upgrade. :)


** EDIT ** Oh crud, please disregard this post. I was typing the message abover when I was on the phone, later when I re-read your post I see you want a CS1 program. In this instance BOOT would not be what you are looking for... until you get the Nano-PEB or get a full-blown Peripheral Expansion Box. Sorry!

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Thanks, but that cannot work from CS1 only. I am thinking that outside of E/A there is no way to load games via CS1, the computer (emulator) just baulks at the idea of any FIAD converted to wav FILES loading from CS1,

and that's trying to load them in numerous ways, just won't work with XB. The same files work fine in MESS with E/A loading 1 after the other with Tape prompts.

I tried the EA5XB loader again, this time from the .dsk, still crashes in all emulators, Mess,Classic99,Win994a.


I've probably wasted too much time on this, as I'll likely have a nanoPEB in less than 2 weeks.


Would still be good to figure this out though, especially as various docs floating around the Net point to it being possible.


***EDIT*** Just read Your edited post, no probs, thanks for the reply. I need to make video and joystick cables up quick otherwise I won't get far anyway.

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My loader does have two limitations -- for one, it can not access GROM DSRs, so CS1 is out. For the second, if it fails to load one of the files, then it reboots.


If you enter a valid filename, it won't reboot (unless the uploaded code is broken), anything else will. To verify if it should work, try the same filename from Editor/Assembler Option 5 first (except for CS1, that won't work in mine). If it works in E/A and fails in my loader, you can enable to debugger and copy/paste the last few lines of the error log here and I'll take a peek (or post the disk you're trying to load from).


Of course it won't solve the problem you are trying to solve... I'm surprised there's not an existing solution.

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Thanks for the info Tursi. I just re-read the article from the Smart Programmer, and because after a week or so of playing with this and that, I now realise that the information was purely designed for

People to Backup Disks to Tape, then be able to load the assembly programs from CS1 in E/A. The Author of that software, Tom Freeman, designed it so His Son could take His TI without the PEB and still load

His Assembly based software.

I know You can load many disk based programs via Extended basic loaders, it just doesn't work via CS1 (at least I have had no luck there).


I have ordered a nanoPEB, so this won't really be an issue in a couple of weeks or so anyway, hopefully my Extended basic cart that hasn't been used in 27 Years works.

I will most certainly give Your loader a go on real hardware and report in there are any issues, Thanks again for the information.

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