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round 3 flying shark


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A couple of hours left...and the double elimination part of our tournament will start !!


General info:

* The 8 highest seeded teams will get a bye for elimination round / week 1

* Only the top 24 ranked teams will qualify for the double elimination tournament

* the elimination part of our tournament has 4 brackets of teams. With one loss you will go into the loser's bracket where you will have to fight your way back.

* we will publish when and which game a team has to play each round / week. This depends on your rank after the seeding rounds and whether or not staying in the winners bracket or having to fight your way back in the loser's bracket.


Elimination - Winners round 1

This coming week teams ranked # 9 untill # 24 will play "Elimination - winners round 1"


Game = Armed Police Batrider (Japan, B version)

ROMset = batriderj


You will have to install both ROMSet batrider and batriderj to be able to play ROMset batriderj !!


Matches Bracket 1

A. Team ranked # 16 vs Team ranked # 20

B. Team ranked # 12 vs Team ranked # 24


Matches Bracket 2

A. Team ranked # 15 vs Team ranked # 19

B. Team ranked # 11 vs Team ranked # 23


Matches Bracket 3

A. Team ranked # 14 vs Team ranked # 18

B. Team ranked # 10 vs Team ranked # 22


Matches Bracket 4

A. Team ranked # 13 vs Team ranked # 17

B. Team ranked # 9 vs Team ranked # 21



Tournament standings have been updated > link

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