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Point Zero - New Homebrew


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I have been working on a little 4k game trying to create something that feels in keeping with the arcade style gameplay many original 2600 games have.

The ultimate goal of this game is to get a score of zero!

Use the joystick to move around and pressing fire when moving increases your speed. Press fire while still to shoot your missiles and blow up bad guys.

Not everything is a bad guy there are also power ups to obtain.

Every thousand points you remove from the score a boss like ship will appear.... Don't get hit by its missiles!

I have attached three different builds:

  • 'Point Zero.bin' is the actual game. Have a blast let me know what you think and post you lowest score if you get a good one!

  • 'Point Zero Boss Demo.bin' is a demo that quickly gets you to the boss section so you can see how it looks... If your not good enough to get there in the main game!

  • 'Point Zero Trainer.bin' is a build that gives you infinite life's so you can practice technique and i also used this to test the game end to end.

I have tried it on real hardware and it works great on my Harmony Cart.

Hope you enjoy it and any feedback is welcome as this was my first assembly retro project and I'm currently looking for me next venture!

Point Zero.bin

Point Zero Boss Demo.bin

Point Zero Trainer.bin

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tried it on my Harmony with NTSC heavy sixer in USA

Thanks for the feedback guys. What version of Stella are you using when you get that error?


  • Location:Mansfield, United Kingdom

ahhhhhhhh the screen rolls on all 3 builds with my Harmony


the screen looks fantastic on Stella but I get hung-up on keyboard controls :_(


can you make an NTSC build ? ( I have no idea how that is done)

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well being an American I just figured it was specifically designed to cater to me |:)


when we me up in chat you mentioned you just completed the project & I liked the sound of the concept of lowering the score to Zero , the fitting title of the game & the description you gave in the first post of the thread.


after download completion & transferring to Harmony SD card ... I had some guests stop in & was hoping to give it a trial run that way ( both of us experiencing the game at the same time ) ... was the first time I tried a PAL game in my NTSC console/TV .... I wonder if it would work on a region-free TV they make now-a-days ....


trying to troubleshoot I thought perhaps the download got corrupted in transfer & all then saw your location under the screen-shot/avatar


still having guests I just gave it a real quick glimpse with Stella to determine download was ok


I don't normally score high on games ....so this one may be perfect for me :lol:


I'll certainly give it another go in the near future it might give me a good excuse to get one of these .... http://home.comcast.net/~tjhafner/2600-daptor.htm

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just picked up one of these at a thrift store for a dollar \o/



so I'll be able to play a bit more of your game on Stella emulator


I was told if I tried a PAL game on an older TV with vertical hold I may be able to adjust the picture to make it work in NTSC land


The setup I have on THAT TV happened to be my 7800 so I stuck my Harmony in that for the first time ... the door release tabs in the console didn't want to open the door of the Harmony ...I wasn't going to force it & break something so I manually opened door & was able to load cart in console.


when I navigated to your game it appeared fine on the TV


was able to clear first wave, next screen I remember a large ship with 2 colums of missiles I guess ...when I got to the ship at top of screen the game crashed


I suspect it was the combination if hardware & trying to use it in wrong TV standard




I breifly tried in a Vader unit same Harmony cart on a newer LED TV my nephews bought ... screen appeared black & white but game seemed somewhat playable .... I didn't try & mess with their TV settings at all


it's getting late right now: just wanted to report my discoveries & find new ways to break your game :lol:


I'll try & get past I suppose the boss level I reached sometime this weekend

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Thanks for resurrecting this thread, had completely missed it initially, glad to have discovered this little gem now :-)


Great game, feels and plays a lot like an Imagic game, and is very fun and captivating too!

Particularly taken by the novel (at least for a 2600 game) power-up elements, shades of Galaga here.

And how often have we seen a challenging boss level on a 2600 game?


The game might still need a bit of polishing here and there (for instance the Game Over face is a nice idea, but not fitting for such a space shooter game, IMO. Also the game should revert back to the title screen after a while)

Really hope this gets the deserved cartridge release, surely belongs into any well-sorted 2600 homebrew library.

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Wow thanks for your comments r_type2600 I'm glad you like it. I do agree the sulking face is not in keeping with the overall stye of the game and I do have a few more small changes to make.


Perhaps I should crack on and finish it off once and for all!



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Wow thanks for your comments r_type2600 I'm glad you like it. I do agree the sulking face is not in keeping with the overall stye of the game and I do have a few more small changes to make.


Perhaps I should crack on and finish it off once and for all!



Having only just come across this game I'm glad you're still around and thinking of finishing it up.


It's really fun and I enjoy it quite a bit. The only thing is that it seems that I have to close Stella after every game to start a new one. Is there another way? Pressing fire and hitting reset doesn't seem to do anything.


I haven't tried it on my Harmony yet perhaps it 'works' better on the real metal?




PS: I quite like the sad face. It reminds me of all those random things you'd find in old Vic 20 or Speccy games. :)

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