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Old Skool - Intellivision Cartridge Release

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The Lost Caves of Kroz programmer John Doherty created a game called 'Old Skool' a few years back that was supposed to eventually be released 'complete in box' Unfortunately, it never was released.


He completed seven floors (Four mazes per floor) and ultimately wanted to do more with the game. However, he halted programming the game and finally released the ROM 'as is' in 2009. Nevertheless, the game is fully functional. Due to renewed interest in the game, John and myself have decided to polish up the game with a new title screen, make some graphical tweaks and add high score functions to the game and release the game on cartridge. This will be a CART only release! (No manual, overlays or box) Price is $40 US shipped. Availability for purchase of the CART only game, will be only until the end of March 2014, at which time, orders will cease and the game will ship. All of the games will ship at the same time when orders close. There will be no further availablity of the CART only game after sales close, so don't wait! This will not be like other Elektronite releases that have unlimited time in which to order.


The game will be released in a NEW LTO Shell, with a custom sticker.



Object of the game: Collect all the coins in the maze and find the term paper to collect points and advance to the next level.

Controls: Move with the disk and fire chalk board brushes with action button.

Objects/tasks: Collect chalk board brushes to keep your supply up. Collect keys to access coloured doors. Use secret doors to appear elsewhere in the maze. Use green elevator door to advance to next level after you collect the term paper and all coins. Use green side doors to enter other areas of maze. Hit wall switches to open hidden doors.










for information on how to order via PayPal


Payments will be $40 US (shipped) per cartridge


IMPORTANT - (Please indicate in the PayPal message area what the payment is for)


Please be aware that your game will not ship until the first week of April 2014, after sales have closed.


Currently, we have 100 circuit boards set aside for the creation of this game. Availability of boards is very low at this time, and it is unclear if we will be able to source more boards before the end of March. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed, do not wait.....first come, first served! Order as many as desired....no individual limits.


Order with confidence that your game will ship in the first week of April 2014. This is brought to you by the same people who are behind Elektronite published games, so you can be confident that your product will ship when we say it will ship!

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Would you provide digital copies/art online of the cart shell artwork when it is available? Maybe we could commision (you or us as a group) someone like Pboland to make a small custom run of overlays that were officially approved by you since it would be such a small run and dont warrent a huge batch being made like your other releases. thoughts?


and yes, Im in for a few carts! :-D :-D

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If sales warrant, we may design an overlay and PDF manual for users to print their own......this is not a promise, but a possibility depending on interest in the game




Here is a news story that links back to this thread. HEHE



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That being said, if we do an overlay design, we would probably print it with our other overlays and sell them for the game....again, depending on demand.


If we post the PDF we would prefer that it be for users only and not for others to produce and sell as it would cost us money to have designed

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Glad to see this coming. Downloaded the ROM from Mr. Doherty's site a few weeks ago but still haven't played it. (The time, where does it go?) I remember back when this was listed as coming soon in the IntelligentVision catalog!


Like this? ;)


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That's the one. Could you PM me a reminder including the link to your scans. One day, I'll enter the Time Suspension Bubble (once I get a working prototype) and have enough time to put all that stuff up on the website. :P I started working on a catalog section probably 10 years ago and never finished it. In fact, I was going through the file structure a couple months back and found all these 'cats' and thought... huh? lolkatz weren't around back then? Then it dawned on me ... ah, the catalog stuff! Right! :P

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