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Help with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out?


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(Please forgive any ignorance/mis-terminologies in advance, as my understanding of such things would fill roughly half a thimble.)


In a nutshell, I desperately want to be able to play this game on a DS/GBA. I have tried many roms, but each one had its own set of issues/troubles. What I'm wondering is, with the vast amount of hacking, programming, etc. being done these days, is this at ALL possible to achieve? I have seen and played some utterly amazing 'home-done' stuff, but the notion of having my beloved MTPO on a tiny cart that I could just pop into an SP/DS delights me to no end. Is there a way to, I dunno how to phrase myself here, "put" the game data onto a GBA/DS chip, or? Perhaps a cool little printed/custom label and all?

In this age of amazing technologies, is this at all possible, or just a pipe dream that I'll simply have to keep having?

(Millions of games readily available in rom form, yet my favorite NES game of all time is not among them...sigh...dammit all....I have several hard copies of this game, but they just won't fit into a GameBoy slot! :_( )


NES games are obviously 'lower-powered' than what the GBA/DS can do, (right?) so what gives?


Thanks for any and all information.

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I've never hacked/modded a GBA or NDS, but they can be. I'd particularly recommend that you mod the NDS instead of the GBA, if you're going to. But this is the only way to play the original Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! on those consoles, as official versions replaced "Iron Mike", with a character named "Mr. Dream". If you own a PSP, even better to mod, imo. I have a modded one, and have MTPO on it.

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A couple of things here,


"Power Level" has very little to do with the reasons that this is difficult to do, the NES, GBA and NDS all use different architectures and are vastly different (NDS and GBA being the most similar). There was the classic rom series on the GBA where they released Metroid , Super Mario Bros, but those are a massive pain to emulate as nintendo actually put antiemulation measures into those games.


That being said, it would be in interesting project to attempt to abstract the code from the NES game and through LLVM or some other various tools convert it to code that can natively run on the GBA. I will do a little preliminary research and post back later if people are still interested.

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