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Is a 32x safe to use on a CDX?


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There are two reasons for the warning on the 32X box about using it with a CDX - first is the lack of FCC certification; without that, the FCC could (in theory) drive one of their vans up to your house, verify that your CDX+32X is the source of radio interference, and confiscate the equipment and fine you for using uncertified equipment. Never heard of it ever happening, but they have the legal right to do so. And second is the lack of the adapter; without the adapter, the 32X doesn't exactly fit snuggly on the CDX, which means you COULD possibly damage the CDX while trying to insert/remove a cart from the 32X. To avoid that danger, I put both hands on either side of the 32X, and squeeze down of the cart so that all the force is only on your hands through the 32X, with none being transmitted down into the CDX.

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