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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Week 17: Marvin's Maze


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A multi-level maze game. There are vertical tubes which connect the various levels of the maze. Eat all the dots or kill a number of Robonoids to clear a stage. Walk across sliding platforms to evaid the Robonoids. Powerups, which can be saved up, let you shoot arrows. Shoot multiple Robonoids with a single arrow for bonus points.


Game Information:


Game Name: Marvin's Maze

Manufactured By: SNK/1983

Dipswitches: 3 starting lives. 1st bonus @ 10K. 2nd Bonus *2 (whatever that means.) :)

ROMset: marvins.zip

Chosen By: Cynicaster

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/56757/mame103/Marvins-Maze.html


Contest ends on Saturday, February 1st, @ 11:59 p.m.


High Scores:


1. 170,400 onmode-ky [+15]

2. 125,600 Fallout_002 [+14]

3. 123,300 DonPedro [+13]

4. 117,200 M.A.M.E. Offender [+12]

5. 99,500 darthkur [+11]

6. 88,900 kane [+10]

7. 83,400 Cynicaster [+9]

8. 81,100 GimmeClassics [+8]

9. 75,900 DaveD [+7]

10. 64,000 HyperBoy [+6]

11. 37,800 mangia-boy [+5]

12. 36,800 roadrunner [+4]

13. 14,000 jblenkle [+3]



Points Leaderboard:


1. kane [220]
2. M.A.M.E. Offender [212]
3. Fallout_002 [208]
4. GimmeClassics [204]
5. Cynicaster [190]
6. Deteacher [171]
7. onmode-ky [166]
8. darthkur [162]
9. Darrin9999 [159]
10. DonPedro [156]
11. roadrunner [97]
12. jblenkle [82]
13. asponge [74]
14. DaveD [51]
15. S. BAZ [58]
16. bigbee99 [43]
17. andyy119 [33]
18. Classicgamer_27330 [29]
19. Mangia-Boy [18]
20. NE146 [14]
21. Wolfman24 [13]
22. kojr55 [13]
23. Mister VCS [9]
24. Vaughan [6]
25. LarcenTyler [2]

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Sweet! One of my favorite obscure games. If you've never played it before I don't think you'll find it very difficult if your goal is to simply clear levels. You won't get many points that way though. Shooting robots is where the points are at. The more you can get with a single shot, the better. The only thing that can be a little difficult (for me anyway) is the controls in emulation. As I recall it was a 4-way stick mounted at a 45-degree angle so that can be tricky sometimes. The same reason I'm useless at Q*Bert in MAME.

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This game just came out at the wrong time. If it had been released during the hot times in early '82 it would have been a smash hit.


The controls are odd, but certainly doable. And the game concept holds some originality.


This one is definitely a lot of fun.


Now I wish I had not let Zaxxon go without submitting as I have now fallen out of first. The top six have really bunched up. This should be a very exciting finish to our second half of the season!!


Anyways, here is my first submission:




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88,100 (see "Edit" below)


I've only played the game twice (!), but as I may not be able to play anymore today, I'm uploading a score now. While I haven't played this game before today, though, I did know of it already; it's one of SNK's arcade games emulated by developer G1M2 in SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 0 (PSP) and in the PlayStation Store, released there as a Mini and playable on both the PSP and PS3 (unfortunately, it doesn't appear in the PSV's Store). A review of the Minis release is available at PSPMinis.com. So, if you want a "legit" copy of the game, it can be had for $3.


Now I wish I had not let Zaxxon go without submitting as I have now fallen out of first. The top six have really bunched up.

Hey, hey, if you're going to include the #6 position, which is 19 points behind the #5 position, I think you ought to include everyone down to #10 in the bunch up, since they're all within 15 points of the #6 position! :)


I am going to guess it is 15,500. Bt=((2Bp)+500).



Bt= bonus

Bp= previous bonus

The score table in the attract mode confirms this, actually.




Edit: I got a chance to play a bit more. A few low scores later, I managed to blow away my previous high:




I managed to get 6 in a row once, and I believe the point value that showed up was 23,500.



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