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Why won't the EZ flash 4 work on the Super Retro Advance Adapter?


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So its been awhile since Ive posted on here but I got a question only you smart people can answer.

Why won't the EZ flash 4 work on the Super Retro Advance Adapter by Retro Bit?

See it will get past the first white screen and something working cause a box will pop up and say "can not find disk" yet we can't get it passed that.

I have read speculation that it it eats to much current for the SNES but that doesn't make any sense when you consider it does load at least a bit of the flash carts software.

I wonder if this isn't something we could fix with a firmware update? If so it really needs to be done cause everybody has been lead to believe the EZ Flash 4 is the best and oddly it is in a normal gba. Hell it even works fine in the gba player for the gamecube so what the @#$% is going on?

If we can't figure this out it looks like I bought another piece of hardware I can't use. *facepalm*

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Not sure why I'm bothering to respond, as you have a serious attitude problem, but maybe this will help others as well.


The bottom line here is that the Super Retro Advance Adapter is a GBA clone and not official hardware. Flash carts usually have problems on clones due to either power issues or something not functioning exactly like the original console.


Fact is, the market for the SRA is fairly small and there are better alternatives to playing GBA games on a TV, so there's little incentive for anyone to investigate further.

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its uncommon, but SD/MMC has been specked out to suck up to 200ma, the 5 volt regulator inside the snes starts its protection mode at 1 amp, but you will never hit that cause its thermal protection will go nuts, so lets say 750ma - SNES - Wonky adapter - flash cart - SD card = little or nothing left in the power budget.


course I have never seen a SD card actually eat that much, and I have some really old MMC cards laying around in the tens of megabytes, and even with intense write sessions they dont break 100ma, so its highly unlikely, but not impossible its a consumption issue

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