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Genesis connected to LCD via RGB cable and XRGB Mini


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SCART is naught but a half dozen "RCA" cables bundled in one phat-azz proprietary connector. RGB/Component (red + green + blue), composite (yellow), and stereo (white + red). But you don't need the yellow cable if you're using RGB or Component. Either way, it's fun to plug up 5 cables into your TV instead of one. BTW, most NTSC TVs require component and may not work well with RGB. But the colors are the same. As an added bonus, one of the audio connections uses the same color as one of the video connections: Red.


It's really quite elegant. Instead of one fungly connector you use 5 (or six) identical cables with color coded rings. Because more is always better! :P


Basically, you need an adapter to convert this:




Into this:




Or you can optionally hack-n-splice your own adapter. Just get a MIDI cable and hack it up like I did.

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I'm having trouble with my genesis setup and framemeister.


My problem is that the image is way too bright. It blew out a lot of detail on default color settings.

I thought I'd post the resolution for this. The problem was that I decided that it was okay to cheap out by buying scart cables which were hand-assembled by freaking chimps. They were like $6 less... Going back to purchase a proper human-assembled cable was the solution. New rule is that I don't spend less than $20 per cable. It's going into a $400 scaler, so why cheap out on cables?

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8-pin DIN cables are hard to find but not unobtainable. Yeah I forgot the RB and sync used the extra pins not found on a common 5-pin MIDI cable. I needed an 8-pin DIN extension cable for my new Turbografx, so I managed to source a 16-ft male-female extension cable from Crutchfield for $30. I tried to find something cheaper and shorter but no luck. Anyway it's a bit long but otherwise works great. Some male-male cables are available for cheaper. You could splice one up as needed or roll your own buying up loose male/female plugs from parts suppliers and wiring it up to suit your needs. Make sure you use shielded cables for optimal bleed-free picture.

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Can I ask you guys something? Is it possible to connect a Sega Genesis to an Amiga 1084-D monitor, using only a 9-pin male mini DIN cable soldered to a 9-pin D-shell connector? I've seen conflicting reports, with some people saying you need resistors and capacitors and others saying you can just connect them straight. Please let me know!

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