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Weird feature in TI BASIC


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Here's an odd one for you. If you type in a REM statement in TI BASIC, the remark has a space in either side of it. Every time you modify the remark, an additional space is added to either side of the text. So if you make a lot of changes you could wind up with more bytes in the spaces than in the remark! The cure: retype the remark and it resets to just one space on either side. XB does not have this feature, thank goodness.

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No the editor in XB has a XML routine in ROM of XB that looks for spaces to compress them.


TI Basic does not have a very complicated editor. But the buffer for TI Basic unlike the XB Buffer is screwed up.


I had to fix this in RXB as the the Character buffer you type in the commands is only 152 bytes long with 1 byte as length byte.


But the actual XB Program line buffer is 255 characters long with a 1 byte length byte using 256 in total.


As you can see this is the reason for the REDO buffer that never allows you to use the entire line as it is 103 characters to small.


The location in XB of the Character Buffer is the problem that was not thought out very well and was a bad choice for size and location.

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