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TG-16 Season 2 Round 11 - Gradius


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TG-16 Season 2 Round 11



You are the last hope of the gentle people of Gradius. You've just lifted off to confront the all-out attack of the amoeboid Bacterions. Your hyper-space fighter is armed with the greatest arsenal in the galaxy. Air-to-surface and double beam laser cannons for incredible firepower. Powerful force fields for protection. Time and space warps for fleeing the dimension. You'll need it all just to survive. Because at the heart of the Bacterion Empire lies the Xaerous Superfortress - the nerve center of the all-knowing, all-seeing Bacterion Bio-Computer. It's a duel to the death, while the entire galaxy watches, waits, and hopes!


Settings: Default

No Continues

Autofire Allowed for this Round

Screenshot not required but requested for high scores

Format: HU Card


Manual:gra.pdf (this is the only manual I could find and it is in Japanese)


Round Ends: 02/16/2014 Midnight PST



Do not post any scores until Monday

All updates and standings will be posted on Monday



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Is there a US release for this game? I've never seen it (on the Turbo)

There was never an official US release of Gradius for the TG - 16 but it was released in 1991 in Japan on the PC Engine which is basically the same console.


But it's Gradius... who has never played Gradius???

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