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Ace Combat Infinity beta


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I haven't heard anything about this, but tucked at the bottom of this week's PlayStation Store Update is a little mention of the demo for a new Ace Combat game.




The Ultimate Flight Shooting Game. Put yourself into the pilot seat of real aircraft and tear across realistic skies! Fly around freely and shoot down all the enemies you see!

Beta Test Version
Two missions can be played in both ‘Online Co-Op Missions’, in which players collaborate online to take down enemies, and ‘Campaign’ which follows a set story.
Aircraft types available to the rank of Second Lieutenant can be obtained. (This is the highest rank that you can achieve in this version)


It's a 2GB download, so I started it last night before going to bed. I'm looking forward to checking it out tonight.

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I played a bit last night. I've got a feeling they're going the microtransaction 'pay to win' route when this game gets released. You have to 'research' a tech tree to eventually get the aircraft you want to buy, but can only get research points in co-op missions. Problem is, the game only gives you enough 'fuel' allotment for two missions, which then activates a timer which has to run out before they give you more fuel. It'll take forever to get the 'good' aircraft just by doing missions.


Microtransactions are popping up in damn near every game it seems. I hope it fails miserably.

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Microtransactions are popping up in damn near every game it seems. I hope it fails miserably.


Even fighting games like Soul Calibur and Tekken. I hope they fail too.


I don't understand the appeal of fee to pay games.


On one hand, some of them are completely playable without spending a dime and those I can tolerate...just need to spend a LOT of time playing them.


On the other hand, others are a complete joke of insane amounts of microtransactions and features stuck behind paywalls.

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