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Wer liest welches Game-Mag. mit Retro-Inhalt? -Who reads retro-magazines?


Wer liest welche Print-Magazine?  

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  1. 1. Mehrfachnennungen möglich!

    • Retro Gamer (UK)
    • Retro Gamer (German)
    • Retro (German CSW-Verlag)
    • Return (German)
    • CHIP PowerPlay (German)
    • GamesTM (UK)
    • M! Games /Man!ac (German)
    • Andere / Other (please specify below)

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I read mostly the originals, Zzap 64, Antic, ASM, Atari User, Tele Match, C&VG, EGM, CGW, EG and many others. Still own approx 2000 original magazines from way back (down from 5000 since I sold and trashed many). I can read books, magazines at work which is a bonus.


But also buy the German RG ( although they print the mistakes made in the English RG without any research/ corrections) and sometimes the British RG on ebay (two years ago I sold my almost complete RG collection which had all extras still included).

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Die neue deutsche retrogamer 1/2015 ist übrigens eine Enttäuschung. 12,90 € für schlecht lokalisierte UK-Texte sind einfach zuviel. Reichlich -schlecht lesbarer, da zu klein geschriebener- Text mit vielen Bildern, aber wenig interessante Themen (ordentlich: der Telegames-Artikel).

Die CHIP PowerPlay war da besser!

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never tried Retro, any good?

Retro Gamer magazine is awesome, or at least was when I was into it about six years ago. I'm in the USA and it's on shelves here, I used to buy it at the train station. It's heavy on Nintendo legacy (they did a huge special when DK Country Returns came out), but also get into British 80s home computing quite a bit.

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