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those systems are hardly ever treated to good homebrew titles compared with the 2600 and C64.

That's probably because they weren't worldwide hits back in the day, and as a consequence aren't significantly popular among hobbyists in many countries nowadays. Here in Brazil, hardly anybody even knows Atari released anything before or after the 2600, so the word "Atari" means exclusively the 2600 for 99% of the people.


I don't know if other retro developers are the same, but I have very little interest in developing for little known hardware. Not only the audience is pretty small (which will limit the reach of your game), it's also much harder/expensive to build a development environment (console, controllers, dev carts, etc.) if you do it the correct way as opposed to using emulators only.


Also, when I finish a game, I'll definitely want to show it to people outside the retro scene, and when they ask me why it looks and sounds the way it does, I'd much rather say that it's because it's an Atari (or any other console/computer most people will immediately remember) game than having to explain it's made for some obscure hardware whose capabilities are unknown to almost everyone, so they won't even be able to compare my game to anything.

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new mockup...


Seems like I won't start programming an Atari VCS version anytime soon, sorry. But I made another mockup!


@Cammy: No, sorry. But I would maybe be interested into a cooperation with someone who would like to program the low level assembler stuff for an Atari Computer. ;)


Anyway, Powerglove is available now for C64, Windows, Mac and Linux. Get it here: http://rgcddev.itch.io/powerglove

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Just wanted to say that I really like the 2600 mock-ups, and that this kind of gameplay would be really cool on the 2600. However, I can't help thinking that the graphics are a little too ambitious. Multicolored asymmetric playfieldds, multicolored player and enemies, all with full vertical resolution... and there are also projectiles, not shown in these mock-ups. Doesn't sound feasible to me, unless you unroll the shit out of the code or use a co-processor.

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@tokumaru: You're probably right. The only way to check it out would be programming a kernal and I started to write one some month ago, but it was too time intensive for me. Setting up each section of the mockup would be an endeavor of its own...


Still interested in a cooperation, though... (hint hint) ;-)

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Powerglove on the C64 is great fun. I'll be keeping a close an eye on this thread in the hopes of seeing something for the VCS come to fruition. Good luck finding a collaborator. :)




PS: I just bought the PC version too from itchio to show my appreciation... and if it ever ends up on a cart for the 2600 I'll buy that too!

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