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Goodbye Hollywood Video


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Last week was probably my last ever visit to Hollywood Video, a local video store with an awesome collection of classic games. Over the years, I have bought and sold my share of games and systems there.


Here are some of my last purchases there.




A Yobo FC Console and a regular Sears Sixer.


I just tried out the FC Console. I don't like the fact that the games get stuck in the slot. Any tips on how to fix that?


As for the sixer, it supposedly has been sitting in there for 12 years. It's shrinkwrapped with the words "Tested 12/4/02" on it. It should work without a hitch. The FC Console was $20 and the sixer was marked down to $10.95.


I'm going to miss Hollywood Video. There simply aren't any other places to find classic games around here, outside of lawn sales and a few thrift shops. They had a boxed 7800 but wanted way too much for it. They also had a Jaguar.


I don't forsee myself buying much more for classic games and consoles in the near future as I must clean my apartment up and organize what I already have.


RIP Hollywood Video.

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They're going out if business or the store near you just closing? The one we had in Beloit is long gone come to think of it. Nice store that had lots of cool gaming items. Sucks if they're going under. :(


Maybe there's more than one Hollywood Video? Either way, the last two of those stores in VT (Milton and South Burlington) were good places to find classic games.


The owner is retiring and probably didn't want to bother to try and find someone else to keep it going. That kind of pisses me off because they had a dedicated service department and would often sell plenty of hard to find items along with tons of DVDs.

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This is (or was) probably a local establishment and not the national Hollywood Video chain, which (according to their Wikipedia page) closed its last location in 2010. We had a Hollywood Video near us, too; it's now a Sprint store.


I think the demise of retail is, in part, a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. They're obviously under pressure from online vendors, but in response, too many of them begin to cut corners in ways that negatively impact customer service, which only drives even more customers to shop online. During a recent trip to another state, I visited a local game vendor who sells both vintage and current systems. I bought my Vectrex there along with a few other items, and the salespeople really seemed to know their stuff. I was glad to have had a good shopping experience, but I also felt reassured to see a local vendor thriving in the age of eBay and Amazon. The owner was in the process of opening a second location, in fact.

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