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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Week 19: Vs. Excitebike


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A dirt bike game. The player navigates a bike over hills and around competitors. The game starts with a qualifying race, where the player is the only bike on the track. The player must navigate over hills, jumps, hay bails, and other obstacles in a set amount of time to qualify for the next race. The course scrolls right to left and the view is from a slightly elevated angle to allow for 3-D.


Game Information:


Game Name: Vs. Excitebike

Manufactured By: Nintendo/1984

Dipswitches: Bonus bike at 100K and every 50K. Qualifying difficulties: Easy.

ROMset: excitebk.zip

Chosen By: Fallout_002

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/56035/mame103/Vs-Excitebike.html


Contest ends on Saturday, February 15th, @ 11:59 p.m.


HIgh Scores as of post #14:


1. 135,400 Fallout_002 [+15]

2. 83,845 kane [+14]

3. 64,310 DonPedro [+13]

4. 63,040 GimmeClassics [+12]

5. 57,755 onmode-ky [+11]

6. 41,150 roadrunner [+10]

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I'm sitting this one out this week. I'm using an older version of MAME in my cabinet that doesn't support this game.

My version of MAME doesn't support the ROM set linked in post #1, but I went searching for a set compatible with version .144 and got it to work that way.




I don't understand how this game works. . . . It took me a while just to notice that the attract screen tutorial used the left and right directions on the stick to do something.




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