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double elimination round 3


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Mahou Daisakusen(japan)

3 lives, extends at 300K, difficulty at Medium.

Ryd n' Awesome z/a 0

road loc z/b 0

ball kernzy aa/a 0

fudgy barra aa/b 0

Dan McGoo ab/a 0

steven kong ab/b 0

Boomstick Ninjas ac/a 0

QT Trap Appreciation ac/b 0

hideyoshi the 3rd gender ad/a 0

sid omega ad/b 0

ebin kitaru ae/a 0

joz celly ae/b 0

Cynicaster Offender af/a 0

hyper fallout af/b 0

dazz rev ag/a 0

drunk bear ag/b 0

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Tournament standings have been updated > link


This week the losers of Elimination Round 1 will play agains the losers of Elimination Round 2.
Those teams who have won during Elimination Round 2 will play against each other next week (more info)


Final results previous round > link


Good luck everyone :)

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I think this is a great game for a tourney like this because it doesn't seem to have all kinds of "secrets" for getting high scores. For those of us who only have a few hours to play, we can just get down to shootin' and not have to worry about the simple-but-not-obvious tricks that can send scores through the roof.

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Final results Double Elimination Round 3 > link

Those teams who have lost their second match during Elimination Round 3 are now out of competition. Thank you for having joined and played in our contest. Maybe until next ime icon_smile.gif

Please look at this post for info about Double Elimination Round 4

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