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PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller Issues (Sticky Buttons)


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So I had my PS4 since launch and just recently at the end of last month I noticed the triangle and the options button were sticky/mushy.

I would press it and it would 'stick' and slowly come back up or felt like there was goo underneath the button.

I haven't spilled anything on it and keep my video game stuff in pristine condition.


I researched it and apparently it has been a common problem unfortunately with other buttons:








I was wondering if anyone had any issues with their PS4 controller and would they know how to fix it? Would I have to take it apart and clean it?


I think the last resort would be to buy a new one and return the old one at Wal Mart or something.



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yea but I don't want to do that cos it's the only controller I have...and it's was too expensive to go out and buy a second controller while I wait for the current one to be shipped and repaired by Sony.


Unless I can ship it to Sony and they can have it back within 2 days...which I highly doubt...that damn Assassins Creed 4 isn't going to beat itself, lol Or is there anyplace to get slightly used ones real cheap...or cheap new ones at some overstock site?

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My R1 button also was sticking when I first got the controller. However, I went through the procedure these videos show and for the past month, I have had no further issues.


If you recall from using a brand new controller with analog sticks, often you'll find that, initially, there is residue built up along the analog stick, just under the thumbstick nub, usually encircling the area where the stick meets the outer housing of the controller. Basically, you have the same issue going on here. So the trick to it is, use the controller for a while (a week of thorough use to get it well worn in). Then, remove the R1 and/or L1 button. Be sure to clean the post where the button attaches on the controller, as well as the hole on the plastic button cap itself. After thoroughly cleaning, simply pop the button back into place.


As I said, I did this same thing about a month ago, and since then, I haven't had a single issue, and I've been playing the PS4 just about every day.

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