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Will it be on the "modern multicart" ? Does anyone know what other games are on that multicart? I already own a couple different multicarts but would purchase if there are several games I don't already own.

I'll put it on both, "classic" and "modern" for now. So as long as you don't have the MultiVec one of the carts is propably actually of use for you.


Background for the carts:

2007 I also had the menu driven multicarts done but life came in between. The idea with the multicarts for me always was to enable newcomers/re-discoverers to the Vectrex to get as many games as affordable as possible. The menu driven carts allow clever bankswitching, so that I have one "classic cart" with all original games (including Animaction and now MailPlane) and the other "modern cart" a lot of home-brews as long as I got permission from the respective programmers.

I'm not entirely happy with the menu aesthetics, so in a later revision I may change that, but the carts work now on all Vectrexes (even the debuzzed 7ADB!).

For now there will only be the cheapest version consisting of the bare pcb, and a sticker for those who want to put it into an original case (I will nto sell cased versions). I already have designs for boxes, but first I need to finish the website and the Frensh translation of the website. First the homebrewers will finally get their copies and then I'll update the website asap.


I'll update the website with more information the next days.

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Yeah I do have a vec-multi and I also have the 72 in 1 cart. There are a few games like this game and spikes circus (off the top of my head) where the games are not available as rom files. If your multicart had 5-6 games not available elsewhere I would purchase one. Ideally I would rather just buy the rom files and put them on my vecmulti so I have everything on one cart.

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