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Mistery 5200 game


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Wow! Never cared for Pooyan but this version is strangely addictive. What a treat all these conversions for the 5200.


I know we do an AA "collector of the year" each year but if there is ever a "Awesome member of the year" category I already know who I'm voting for! Four A8 conversions in less than a week.


YOU...Mr Aking...ARE DA' MAN!!!

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POOYAN!!! No way, what a great game to convert. And you improved the colors, which on the 8-bit version were terrible. Aking is 3 for 3 now!


PS: I think you meant Mystery (y).

Wasn't that exclusive in the arcades to Chuck E. Cheese's, or am I thinking of Rock 'N Rope?


On another note, I got my 5200 to work tonight. Played some Joust. Man, the sound is soooo much better than the 7800 version! Makes me want to steal a TARDIS back to 1983 and pimp slap GCC and Warner for leaving the Pokey out of the 7800.

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