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NEW Release! Moon Patrol CIB for ColecoVision


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Wow guys, everything arrived today.. im impressed! Moon Patrol is sweet!!! :-o :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :)


So is the Super Action Baseball box; now with my cartridge and manual I already had.. it's offically CIB! .. (Along with my CIB Super Actrion Controllers) :grin: :P :grin:


Thanks fellas, you all really made my day!

CollectorVision rocks! :party:

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Hasn't arrived here yet but can only be days. Hey. SiLic0ne, do you also have the score pad?

Sure do, original from my Super Action Controller set i got off a local buddy BITD.. Everything's mint on the inside, box itself is in great shape


I posted a pic in the SAB Box thread ;)

If you ordered the box, you won't be disappointed.

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Man... I received a box today with Moon Patrol, Pippols, and the box for Super Action Baseball, thanks! ...... and my ColecoVision has been on the fritz with garbled graphics...


Wish I could play them. :mad:


Mine too. I'm going to send mine to Yurkie next month to get the power mod and see if that helps. I'm pretty sure the power adapter is the cause of the problem.


Anyway, I received Moon Patrol and Pippols a few days ago and they look and play great. Great job guys!

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Now that these games are shipped, what are the next games that collectorvision will be working on, other than telebunny, thanks

See here for the answer(s) to your question:





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