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ABBUC SWC 2014: Dimo's Quest


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Are you planning to include the intro dialogue and animations, and the same type of level selection screens?


@ MrFish: Yes, i plan to do so. The atari version should be as close to the amiga version as possible. I hope there is enough time to realize this before the deadline :-)


Were you ever able to add these? I haven't seen them in any of the demos yet.

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sadly not yet.

Due to lack of free time, the storyboard didn't make it into the ABBUC version.


Totally understandable.



But that's not the final Version ;-)

I keep you informed...


Sounds good. A translation of those animation scenes and level selection screens would be really nice to see on the A8's.

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I have a feature request:


I only can select level 1-8 from start screen, but it would be really neat if I could select any level I want.


This game is absolutely fantastic. I love this type of game (just like Stone Age (mental Age on a8) and Johnny The Ghost...)

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@Philsan: Thank you. i will forward it to the graphic Artist: Tobias Prinz :-)

@Prowizard: Yes, this is a design decision made by me. Let me explain my thoughts: If i make all Levels available, many People would play e few seconds, and skip the Level if they want. So less people would "see the whole Thing".
In most shoot'em'ups you cannot choose the starting level, as the mastering of the lower level is part of the fun and thrill (will i reach a new Level this time). As the first 7 Level introduce the game elements, i offer to skip them at the beginning.


Nevertheless there will be a successor called "Dimo's Quest Returns To Atari 8Bit" - which will offer an individual password-system, so you can start where you left last time, a Highscore list, a storyline and - hopefully many, many levels created by the Atari community - stay tuned :-)


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@8bitjunkie: It's okay… another reason to keep my a8 on… I might use the Freezer… have to dig it up (I'm in a re-organization in my house) … I'm currently using my a8 the old fashioned way… a simple 64K 800XL with not more than a 1050 disk drive. And I'm amazed that this is still fabulous enough to enjoy everything I want!

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I wasn't going to post comments until the contest is over but I've got stuck on level 15. Is this doable? Is so perhaps a small hint ;)


I can't get to the boots on the right side and the 3rd circle thingy to get the other yellow key is on the right side too so I can't see how to get that. When I pull the plunger the top row arrow changes colour - but I can't see what this does! On this level one of the middle rows seems to be changing colour as I move for no reason too - glitch perhaps? [i'm a muppet - think I've figured it out!] [nope but I got a bit further - might still need that hint on how to get the last yellow key!]


I've had a couple of glitches in Dimo's pmg sometimes odd pixel below him on middle of screen, once a whole ghost Dimo image but this erased as he moved down through it.


I really like Dimo's Quest (and one of the cats does too - keeps watching him move!), there are lots of nice elements. It's simiar to the Robbo games but thankfully it's not frustrating as they can be. I really hope we get lots of new levels for this as there's tons of potential. Some of the music reminds me of Zone X and International Karate :thumbsup:


The movement is a little quick but you get used to it, however a non Atari friend played and struggled a bit; you might consider an easy option with everything slowed down a little.


I'm playing on 800XL/1050 PAL/CRT TV


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