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ABBUC SWC 2014: Dimo's Quest


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OMG that is so obvious that I'm ashamed.....LOL.....I tried to build a bridge on the right side of course and next I tried to push the boulders over the ice tracks (Chip's Challenge style)....thanks....now I will look for a silent corner in the room and go sit there in shame :D

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Is it very annoying when I shout again how much fun I have with this game!


I love it!


Thank you very much ;-)

Maybe it is interesting to you that we are still working on "Dimo's Quest Returns on Atari 8Bit" :-D

(Dimo's Quest in ABBUC Land was a Kind of "spin off")

So stay tuned for much more level, highscorelist, password-system, more animated monster and a story-intro...


Furthermore, in 2015 there will also be

* "Dimo's Quest Returns to C64"

* "Dimo's Quest Returns to IOS"

* "Dimo's Quest Returns to Android"


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Sure hope we get this ntsc thing nailed down on this!


This is still on my to do list. unfortunately i have to prepare my VJ-part for a concert which will be in two weeks - and there is still my normal job which keeps me occupied...

i think, first week of december is a realitic date...

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Posted Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:54 PM

therealbountybob, on 21 Oct 2014 - 4:03 PM, said:snapback.png

a) I wasn't going to post comments until the contest is over but I've got stuck on level 15. Is this doable? Is so perhaps a small hint ;)


b) I really hope we get lots of new levels for this as there's tons of potential. :thumbsup:


c) The movement is a little quick but you get used to it, however a non Atari friend played and struggled a bit; you might consider an easy option with everything slowed down a little.

a) I have send you a PN

b) So do i :-)

c) good idea...

check out www.talios.de/dimo on sunday for a new version...

just to repeat c) my sister also had a go on Dimo's Quest this week and had the same problem with the movement, she kept accidentally falling off when collecting sweets despite being careful. So if you can slow the game down just a little as it is and have a separate easy mode where it's much slower more people would enjoy the game :)

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I see the game is available for download, anyway to get an .exe version with just the game for easier loading? the version that's there I see is an ATR that includes the levels is 130k




a single/stand-alone file version of Dimo`s Quest (in Abbuc Land) is now available from Homesoft: http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?dl=407

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 year later...

Did the promised ntsc fix happen for this wonderful software? The longer it takes the harder it may become to do....


Unfortunately, there are not enough scanlines available for the gamelogic with NTSC.

I have a version which runs fine when only one or two monsters are involved.

but in PAL-Version, there are up to ten, and they have to be moved (as they can use Switches) and have to be drawn...

So unless no Code-GOD is telling me how to improve the monster handling there will be no NTSC Version: maybe there is chance on the fujiama event this fall... i will keep you up to date.


at this point i am working on an expanded modul version:

* intro with 80 seconds digitized speech (german, sorry)

* five cut Scenes

* five different "worlds" with diffrent ingame graphics

* 52 level

* end sequence

* saveable highscore list


post-38160-0-00272500-1459187466_thumb.png post-38160-0-00513100-1459187467_thumb.png


post-38160-0-92835000-1459187467_thumb.png post-38160-0-87867900-1459187468_thumb.png[


post-38160-0-09324000-1459188303_thumb.jpg post-38160-0-39562300-1459188492_thumb.jpg





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By the way, there is a newer disc version available - the german "Lurch Edition"
(as presented on the last ABBUC General Meeting 2015)

* slightly improved title picture
* one diskside with game and all level

* 32 level (featuring the level of the ABBUC contest version and the NEW-YEAR-2015 DISK)
* every level can be accessed and played freely
* one highscore for each level

* one DISC-SCORE (sum of all level highscores)
* you may abort level and choose another with ESC (2 times)

* you can pause game with SPACE

please see attachment...

post-38160-0-18921100-1459189283_thumb.png post-38160-0-93177000-1459191522_thumb.png post-38160-0-97363800-1459189280_thumb.png


post-38160-0-05242500-1459189280_thumb.png post-38160-0-54543600-1459191520_thumb.png post-38160-0-66843300-1459191521_thumb.png



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Waiting for the Fujiama event then... in the mean time how many scan lines to drop to make it workable? taking some from the top and taking some from the bottom.. or so many that it would be better to move everything around for the any difference in count... My apologies, I understand real life is always in the way.... last time you and I talked about it was November of 2014.... at that time it was stated you might be able to do it in a couple months or so. I really didn't expect any insults being a small code - not God person. I was very surprised to be met with such a statement. I took it for granted as friends that it was happening. Apologies to the code God whoever that may be and please Lords of Lines forgive my transgressions and bless us all with NTSC fix for wonderful game that only has slight glitching on certain screens. Any chance is a good chance :)


I loved the work and am not sure why... oh well...... might as well just stop typing....not sure what went wrong... shrugs....


Thank you for the fixes, updates and joy your hard work brings!


_The Doctor__

Edited by _The Doctor__
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Hello Doc


Am I right in reading into your comment that you toke 8Bitjunkies comment about "code-god" as a negative remark towards you? I've met 8Bitjunkie a couple of times and I'm sure that's not how he meant it.





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Hello _The Doctor__,


sorry, in no way i wanted to offend you!
i am as sad as you that i wasn't able to do a NTSC version yet.
Maybe my coding knowlage just isn't good enough to speed up code to the desired level.

So i hope a more sophisticated programmer ("a coding GOD", like JAC! for excample) can help me ;-)
maybe i have to drop a few monster for NTSC, but that is "plan b" ;-)

so looking forward for a NTSC version, but it just takes more time than expected ;-(

Thank yoy for playing Dimo ;-)


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Cool to see this! I've played the game a bit on CD-i and enjoyed it, so it's nice to see it find its way to new platforms.

yes, the CD-i Version was a port of my original Amiga version. But i did not know why they chanced the storyline from a frog to a kid...


for the atari moduie version i try to be as close to the amiga version as possible, i think we are on a good way... ;-)







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