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Unreleased Imagic Games : Beezer and Moonsweeper


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I recently acquired a couple of Imagic press items from 1983. Both of them show screen mock-ups of a couple of unreleased games: "Beezer" and "Moonsweeper."


Beezer was a port of an arcade game by Tong Electronic. I did a little research and read that Gary Kato (of Intellivision Demon Attack fame) began programming it but never finished because the project was canceled.


Also, a version of Moonsweeper was planned. This was one of my favorite games on the 2600.


Anyway, these plans were news to me, and I thought you might like to see "what could have been."



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Moonsweeper is mentioned for the Intellivision on this german handout too. But I never heard of Beezer.




Moonsweeper and Wing War are also mentioned in the Fathom manual (with screenshot from the Intellivision version of Wing War).

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