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High Score Contest for nearly 100 different Atari VCS/2600 games


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Do you feel like making $15 or more with your high scores on your Atari VCS/2600 games?


With the recent demise of both Twin Galaxies and Retrocade Magazine, we felt the need for not only another source for more accurate record-keeping, but an incentive for players as well.

As part of our efforts to maintain the most current list of Atari VCS/2600 high scores, we're now offering a new High Score Contest for nearly 100 different Atari VCS/2600 games!


For more information on the rules and requirements, please check out our web site at:









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No 3rd party consoles but yes to 3rd party controllers?


I would prefer if, at least, Atari 7800, Intellivision System Changer and Colecovision Expansion Module #2 were allowed.

But I don't see harm to allow other consoles.


Other than that, I only have a few cartridges and couldn't even try without using my Harmony Cart. Maybe I could break Popeye High Score...

All scores are really, really high!!! :-o

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