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"Flappy Bird" on the C64... now for the TI!


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I don't include games in the Classic99 folder that don't work in Classic99, that would be getting really silly. ;)


Sounds like you're running my TI BASIC "Space Fighter" game. Enemies don't start to appear until you start moving - use A/Z and S/X to adjust speed and shield power.


This one?



Yep that's it! that game's screaming for an instruction page :)



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Amiga release: http://aminet.net/package/game/jump/FlappyBird


Atari 2600: http://www.retrocollect.com/News/fabled-flappy-bird-unofficially-soars-onto-atari-2600.html


Atari 8-bit:

(rather terrible given the other 8-bit thread posted earlier)


From a New York Times article: "And in one of the most impressive instances, the game has been ported to a Texas Instrument graphics calculator."

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Make sure Disk Type: is Image (DSK)

That's what I chose. Here are my exact steps.

1) Run Classic 99

2) Disk Menu > DSK0> for Disk Type >Image(DSK) Path> flappybird.dsk (I used the browse button to locate the file)

3) Extended basic already selected in Cartridge menu

4) Press any key

5 Press 2 for Extended Basic


I then see the Extended Basic Ready prompt

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Thank you for the instructions and for that wonderful version of Flappy Bird. This one also got the physics right, which you can't say of all versions (especially those on the Atari 2600). And as for the music... it's the Flight of the bumble bee (bumble bird? whatever...), arranged by Sam Moore Jr. The original version of that song, as far as I know, was a BASIC program consisting of CALL SOUND statements, but someone converted it to a sound list for use in "The Mine", as far as it seems. I can recall when I saw "The mine" for the first time (I knew the music before that) at a TI meeting of the local TI Journal Club back in 1985. There I asked the man showing the game there if the creators of the game would have licensed the music from Sam Moore Jr. ;-). Of course he didn't know, but that way I caught the attention of another TI-99 user, who then became my best TI-99 friend, and in whose band I'm playing the keyboard now.


I would have thought of a different music that would fit, but I don't know if by only playing the music someone would notice the meaning...



Also, I think the scoring could be improved. As far as I know, the app had the scoring in the top in bigger letters (same font as the title), and it was counting in decimal numbers, not in hexadecimal. ;-)


Yes, I know, I always find things that could be improved. But I'm quite happy with this version in comparison to what was done on other systems... ;-)

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