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KC Munchkin Monster Maze (Atari 2600)


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Update: KC Monster Maze is temporarily out of production, you may preorder the game here or on the preorder thread.


The price has increased to $60 and is likely to go up again :)





The game cost $130,000 to develop (I won't make a fraction of this back on a limited production run, it's just about fun :) ) and the $20 introduction was a commemorative "30 year later celebration" of my software Company, Saint John Gallery Software.


To see what a Atari game looks like that cost $130k to develop just scroll through the thread and watch the vids!! :)


The video review by Metal Jesus and the Immortal John Hancock is at 12:15 in their SuperCharger anthology, it's on page 4 :)





Imagine how much fun this would have been?




KC Monster Maze!


Limited Edition Release:

SuperCharger Tape ................................................................ $20


To order the game please PM me or post on this thread! :)


Note: This game was developed on retro hardware and could have really been released in 1982! :)


What if you want to play but don't have a SuperCharger or an Atari?


You may dump the Munchkin ROM if you prefer to play in Stella or Harmony, but you may not distribute it.


Update: The ROM for the Harmony, and .wav for your iPod/SuperCharger are included! :)


Detail Update:



This release contains the KC Monster Maze game on tape in case, with conceptualised "what if" image on the Jacket and printed colour documentation.


I will also be including a commemorative retro flyer/magasine ad from my 1980's Video Game Company, Saint John Gallery Software, we released our first game on Tape in 1984! :)



Update: Marc has made an incredible reproduction box available that is perfect for display and for storing and protecting the game, the colour docs and the retro software flyer. Please order this awesome Starpath repro box directly from Marc to complete a dexlue edition set! :)



Update: Extended Harmony support - anyone who wants to play KC Monster Maze on their Harmony cart but does not have the technical ability to dump the ROM can get a backup copy of the game ROM from me provided they have the game tape! :)

If you later sell or trade your game tape you must erase your backup copies, analougue (the tape quality is good enough you can sample the game right to your mp3 player) or digital.



Revision2 with enhanced graphics is now shipping! New demo vids are up here:




A vader or earlier model and a classic tube television are necessary to experience all of the new effects, see page three for details!

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Payment made! Thanks and I look forward to sitting this on the shelf next to official Frogger. Lol


Very cool you are reserving a spot next to Frogger, KC will be honoured! :) And yes every copy in the release is numbered, in the order the orders were recieved.


Thanks everyone for the awesome feedback! :) :)

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