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TG-16 Season 2 Round 13 Blazing Lazers

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TG-16 Season 2 Round 13

Blazing Lazers


Dark Squadron- Dead Ahead! Get to your battle station, space jockey !

You're in for the fight of your life in this, the ultimate outer-space shoot'em up-Blazing Lazers!

Seated at the helm of 80 tons of awesome firepower-a Gunhed Star Fighter-you've just run into the ruthless Dark Squadron.

Dangerously close to the Earth, they threaten to destroy the world with 8 Super Weapons

0nly you and your Star Fighter's blazing lazers and bombs stand between them and

certain destruction Plan your strategy and power up with the 8 different enhancements

that appear-you'll need more than straight shooting to fight your way out of this one!


Default Settings

No Continues

Format: HU Card


Manual: blazing lazers.pdf

Please do not post any scores until Monday..all updates and standings will be posted on Monday

Round Ends: 3/16/2014 Midnight (PST)

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This gets interesting in later stages. Still I think that the game throws ridiculous amount of extra lives, power-ups and bombs at the player. And I tend to lose half of my lives running into bullets while chasing all this stuff or trying to avoid the unwanted ones :) At least recovery isn't too hard in most of the places.

According to this thread an additional 8-way weapon can be obtained under specific conditions. Haven't tried this yet. So far I was using mostly weapon III + homing missiles combination.




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I am announcing that there will only be one more round of this HSC....I will be doing another project and I will have no time to moderate this HSC...if someone else would like to take over that would be excellent. If not then I may pick this up again and start a new season.

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round 13 results




round 13 Blazing Lazers
players score
DonPedro 1,848,120
roadrunner 857,700
NIKON 754930
Fallout_002 361,390
jblenkle 16,900




current ladder results




players points games played rounds win
don pedro 77 13 7
nikon 69 13 1
darthkur 50 12 1
fallout_002 33 13 0
roadrunner 28 13 0
wolfman24 24 5 0
jblenkle 24 13 2
S.BAZ 8 1 1
cvga 7 1 1
Official Ninja 6 1 0
classicgamer_273 3 2 0



Up to you guys want to do another round for this season or start a new one?


I was thinking of changing the scoring system to your score/top score. Let me know guys.

Edited by wolfman24
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Really late but I'd thought I'd post this here. It's GunHed though... and I'm pretty sure the only difference is that with GunHed you have infinite continues. But this was my first gameover because you can see the score and hi score are the same.


post-29698-0-06396000-1541221900_thumb.jpg Heh, if I would have been around when this was held I would have won.

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