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Jungle Rajdeep - Best game this year...


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...this one won't be. I've started writing it several years ago to reacquaint myself with XB and only recently managed to find the time to complete it. In "Jungle Rajdeep" you must collect small diamonds stolen by various African critters. The number of animals will increase with each level up to a certain point and in the final level you have to face the dreaded cannibals. Here is also where the greatest diamond of them all, the star of Africa, is found.


Extra life every 1000 pts, use arrow keys to control Rajdeep. The game is compiled XB (kudos to Harry). Attached zip files contain Win994a and Classic99 format files. Should load automatically if mounted as DSK1 and after Extended Basic is started.


Enjoy (or something... :))


EDIT: Attached zip files contain updated version 2: Unintentional cheat removed, one additional life added at start of game. Also added hi-score.



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Nice game. Queued for the next Gameshelf update :)


Thanks Vorticon, looking forward to seeing it there. Note that I have updated the files to V2 which is (supposed to be) the final version.



I should point out though that it is best to avoid boasts like "best game this year" in any programming forum ;)


Ah, but I did infact exactly the opposite of that! Read the heading one more time and then also the continuation of the sentence in the post. I'm certainly not the one to boast about my TI programming skills. It was just meant as an eyecatcher :-o

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