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Der Luchs

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Hi folks,

Nognir was asking about a racing Game for the Vectrex in another Forum.

We talked about the upcoming Homebrews: NOX and Death Race.

So to shorten the waiting time of these games, I've started

to code my own Mini-Racing-Game with VecVox Support for sure ^^

It will be probably finished on Friday evening or Saturday.

I will share it as a free Download Version, so stay tuned :-)

To show you, that there are only some "make-up" things left and

the missing of one or maybe two enemy cars, I made a video:

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@Der Luchs, I see. I've seen Vipe Ut before. A "devolved" game modeled after the Vectrex. The box even had sticker residue and artificial wear.


I'd like to see where Vecfahren 2000 goes. I saw a arcade game yesterday that actually reminds me of Brecher.


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@50TRD: :D As you see, I'm porting the whole time ;) Great Idea for Brecher 2, using a Character besides just a Aim ^^

Oh and by the way, this is the Brecher Checklist, how it looks like (Sended to me by some ppl):


Operation Wolf

Battle Mission



@Retroillucid: Thanks :)

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