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Play Blackpool 3/4 May [Including Gremlin Graphics Reunion!]


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Hello Everyone.

I couldn't see anything on the forums about Play Blackpool (www.playblackpool.com) our upcoming retro games show. As we just made a big announcement yesterday that we think you will be interested in, I thought I'd post about what is happening at the show for you guys.

Yesterday, after three months of planning, we announced that a number of the original Gremlin Graphics team will be coming to Play Blackpool for the weekend and will be taking part in a number of features over the two days.

So far we have Ian Stewart (founder), Tony Crowther, Peter Harrap, Ben Daglish and Shaun Hollingworth all confirmed. We also have at least three others who are very interested in coming but cannot commit until nearer the time due to projects they are working on, but they are also 'key' Gremlin Graphics names.

We will have a Gremlin Graphics presentation which will feature archived video footage, photos and anecdotal history from the guys that worked at the company over the years. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the attending Gremlins where you can ask the panel any questions about games, the history of the company, what they are currently up to or even what their favourite colour is, should that be troubling you.

Also, there will be a signing session where you can bring in your treasured Gremlin Graphics items to get signed, or if you are still hunting that elusive game we have a hall full of traders who might just have the item you are looking for. The Atic Bug will be attending and are bringing a number of new posters from their Gremlin range, all of which you can take to the signing sessions.

The guys from Amibay are preparing a pretty cool Gremlin based tournament, and we are going to make sure the winner gets some great prizes. And, in honor of our attending guests we will have a big Gremlin Graphics display with all our (and hopefully your) favourite games running on original hardware.

Of course there is plenty more stuff happening at the show: -

- Amibay are attending and will be hosting a number of live hacking sessions.

- A hall full of traders, selling all manner of gaming merchandise and apparel including plenty of Atari games, computers and consoles.

- The forth heat of the Classic Gaming Championships - we continue our search for the UK's best classic gamer.

- A full tournament zone run by RetroCollect with ace prizes.

- An Indie games zone with retro inspired games including some on Oculus Rift.

- Megaplay powered by Projector Games - crazy 24 player big screen gaming.

- A retro themed play, featuring Sir Clive Sinclair, Alan Sugar and a Sinclair C5!

- A GamesThatWeren't zone which features a number of previously unreleased games.

- A live Podcast from Retro Asylum, the UK's most downloaded retro podcast.

- Heaps of computers, consoles and handhelds running a broad selection of games.

- A large arcade provided by Retro Games Party with loads of classic cabs and pinball all set to free play.

- The VideoGameCarnival with all its insanity - possibly even some jelly.

- The sixteen player ring, with Halo 2, Rallisport Challenge and other games.

- A classic PC LAN zone, featuring a selection of networked FPS, Strategy and driving games.

- A Cosplay masquerade, dress up as your favourite game character. Or just look in puzzlement at others!

- Mohicankids Charity Tombola - all proceeds go to GamesAid.

Plus even more stuff yet to announced. Phew! So, hopefully we'll see some of you at the show?

Replay Events

Play Blackpool - www.playblackpool.com

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