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Skunkboard production batch. Declare list.


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I reaaaaally wonder the percentage of real dev in this list




Come back! Because... who cares? :0)


skunks allow some people to make stuff for Jaguar or they make that process easier... they also allow lots of people to have fun with their Jaguar without having to spend a fortune buying collectible boxes of plastic. They also get to see things on real hardware that they might otherwise be unable to such as betas, unreleased games, demos, patched games, etc.


The world hasn't ended so far. Real developers, ones who actually put games out in the past, didn't suddenly stop when the skunk II came along or the skunk III or the ghost, and they don't look like doing so now either given who's already signed up for them...on the contrary...


skunk = Jaguar lifeblood.

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I just noticed I was not on the March 28th post listing of those wanting a SkunkBoard despite stating in a post on March 18th that I would like one as a spare in case my current Rev 2 dies.


If my interest was noted but just omitted from the published list that is fine.

If my interest was missed I would like to restate my interest in obtaining 1 SkunkBoard from this run.

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