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Strips, Reference Cards, Manuals, Labels and more! (HQ)


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Why 'bear' some 'buddies' price?

Let's all chip in and share what we've got... FOR FREE!


I'll start it off... This file has your standard strip, TI-Writer, Multiplan and one you all probably do not have, Video Chess!


So, what do you all have?




I love the Video Chess one! Did you create that one or does it actually exist as a real strip?

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I love the Video Chess one! Did you create that one or does it actually exist as a real strip?


Glad you like it! I made that one back around 1985 or 1986 with dry rub on transfers I bought at Radio Shack. After affixing them, I covered it with tape. It's held up pretty well over the decades. I used to have one for Telco too, but cannot find it. :(

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I have two different version of TI-Writer, take your pick...

Multiplan is here, sorry about the duplicate of the strip, it's part of the PDF.

TI BASIC is here also.


I thought I had Extended BASIC too, but I could not find it, so I'll scan it in and post it here later this evening.


TI-Writer Reference Card Ver. A.pdf

TI-Writer Reference Card Ver. B.pdf

Multiplan - Guide & Template.pdf


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Some of you may have needed strips because you downloaded a program like the 80 column version of BA-Writer from the Internet, or even bought a loose Multiplan cartridge on eBay Regardless, even if you have documentation, you might not have the cover art to dress it up to make it look 'almost' original. If this is the case, here is TI-Writer and Multiplan, front covers and spine.


TI - Binder Covers.pdf

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I like the woman on the cover of the TI Writer manual. She's using a TI, so that makes her hot!


Could someone please scan and upload the EA reference card? The PDF that I have is really terrible quality.


Thanks for all these PDFs, they're great! I'll download them from home and save them.


Might be worth gathering them together and putting them in developer resources thread.

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What would be REALLY COOL, is a program for the PC that lets you just type in what you want, then prints out a custom correctly sized strip.


Also, I think I suggested an addon to Classic99 or separate thingy to have the strip hoovering somewhere. I think I'd get by without, but nice anyhow.


I'd imagine an online web thing which outputs PDF and/or PNG. I'd guess there might be problems with papersizes ? It's typically A4 and A3 here (home and work).



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Here's a quick reference card I ran across while going through my "stuff". Never seen this one before.


Wiley Quick Reference Guide - TI 99/4A BASIC


Wish it was in better condition but you gets what you takes, as they say...


Ok, so, apparently I can't upload larger than 10MB. So, I've put it on my website for a temporary spot. Link may not last forever. When I figure out a better place to put it, I'll update the message.






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