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Lots o' C= @ Vintage Computer Festival East - April 4-6 (fwd)


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From: Evan Koblentz

Hello C= fans!

There will be plenty of Commodore events at the VCF East next month, including a [CBM] history lecture by Dave Haynie, a video/CRT repair course by Bil Herd, the premier of Zach Weddington's "Viva Amiga" documentary, and even a homemade C64 multiplayer videogame. Read on for details...


The Vintage Computer Festival East returns on April 4-6, at the InfoAge Science Center, in Wall, New Jersey. It is hosted by MARCH: Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists.

Friday: VCF East University -- solely devoted to technical classes -- plus you get free pizza, and Tektronix will give away an oscilloscope!

Saturday: The main show -- lectures in the morning, exhibit hall in the afternoon, along with a consignment/vendors room and tours of the MARCH computer museum open all day long.

Lecturers will cover topics as diverse as IBM punched cards, the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN committee, Amiga, Franklin, the Internet Archive, security, and more.

The exhibit hall will feature 36 booths covering everything from mainframes to minicomputers to DIY hobby systems to eight-bitters. You'll see everything from a real Apple 1 to a UNIVAC mainframe!

And don't miss our hands-on workshops -- build amazing replicas of famous systems (with show discount prices!); learn to fix your own vintage computers; check out the latest products from five professional vendors; and so much more we couldn't possibly list it all here.

Questions? Contact event producer Evan Koblentz at evan@snarc.net or (646) 546-9999.

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