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Work in Progress: Sky Scraper 2115


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  • 1 year later...

Necrobump ...


I have been mulling over restarting this project. I haven't had a chance to work on this over the last two years, but with the improvements made to 7800basic, I am going to give this a try again. One improvement that is promising, is the increase of screen area now supported by 7800basic, which means I can make the sprites a bit taller than I had originally. So, we shall see. I really want to do this. :)

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  • 11 months later...

OK, I worked on this some more for the first time in 3 years:


Made a little progress: The screen is 208 pixels high now ... the blocks now color 2 at a time, and once all of them are colored it goes to a new level.


Your player can now hover at the top of the screen and color any blocks he flies over if they are right below him. The next step will be to implement blocks at the very top of the screen which will stop your hovering and cause a fall.


You can see some of the traps in the floor, but as of now they don't kill you.


The player is still the stock animation ... going to work on some different animations.


Next to work on:


adding an enemy missile which will home in on the player.

picking up coins

physics for falling on coins ... in the original, if you hold the button as you land on a coin, it doesn't get picked up, instead you begin flying. This allows for the usage of coins as temporary platforms.

Ability to walk over coins and pick them up if they are embedded in the platform.

Traps kill player.

Adrenaline pills to confer invincibility. Timing will be limited. Physics for falling or walking over these will be the same as for coins.



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Oh forgot to mention: Teleports ... landing on them will teleport your man to a random location on the screen ... could even be on top of a trap. :) the missile and other enemies will behave thus way too.


"?" Doors ... If you go inside one, one of the following will happen:


Player death

Double player death

Bonus coin

Adrenaline pill

Nothing at all

Warp to a random level

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A little bit further progress:


Blocks are now changed 2 at a time ...

Blocks are now changed by flying into them from below

The player animation has been changed to the rocketman although the colors are still wrong.

A second enemy sprite is on the screen now. It's still using the rocketman sprite but it will be the missile. It sort of homes in on the player but the logic is not quite right yet.




I want to eventually try adding more than one missile ... something I could not do in my original 8-bit game. Also trigger a player death whenever the missile touches the player.



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You might want to try that on real hardware. The way it looks in MAME suggests that you're running out of DMA render time. The text at the top and bottom is mostly cut off, and the missle dissapears when its vertically level with the player.


To pare down the DMA usage, avoid having the plotmap cover your top and bottom rows, where you're also using plotvalue and plotchars. For the missle you might have to reduce the character columns a bit.


320b mode graphics are pretty demanding on Maria.

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In my experience, you don't get very many extra characters plotted on top of a full row of characters. You'll save some DMA time by using 320A (it's chars are twice as wide as 320B, in bytes) or a bit more by using 160A (4x as wide as 320B). But do you really need the game tiles to overlap the text areas? Making them non-overlapping should solve the problem instantly, without a reduction in visuals.

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OK, update: I have fixed the plotmap so it no longer collides with the text on top or on bottom.


I am looking into getting MAME so I can see these sorts of things properly.


Someone check this and see if it behaves properly please.


Are these developers carts still available? It would come in very handy for me ... especially as I also want to use my Atari 7800 as a musical instrument in my recording studio as well!






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Are these developers carts still available? It would come in very handy for me ... especially as I also want to use my Atari 7800 as a musical instrument in my recording studio as well!


I will make sure you have one in the near future, no charge.

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My accomplishments today:




Each level now has its own unique color scheme. I will be changing the graphics of the blocks every 5 levels. I originally wanted to do it on each level, but as there will be 40 levels, I don't know if I have the ram needed for that.


The falling and flying physics are now tweaked, especially on the third level, where the rows of blocks are exactly a player height apart. A crucial part of playing this game will be learning the move where you hold your stick left or right while thrusting, and coloring both rows of blocks simultaneously. Remember, hitting a block from below colors it too, but makes your man fall.


The first 5 levels are now in, as well.


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