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MUSHA Rarity?


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It's also one of the most counterfeited games on ebay, so buy with caution.


I noticed that! Found a copy for $30. That was suspicious enough, so I checked the seller's other auctions, and it was a bunch of obvious reproductions without being listed as such.

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MUSHA is one of the few Genesis titles that have made it to that $100+ territory (or now, $200+). It could be a combination of factors, such as the fact that it's a good game and people are willing to tell their friends about it, and the fact that it's not a game you usually see out in the wild very frequently so people are willing to pay a little extra for it. However, it's likely that the collector scene has boosted its "value" over time as well by placing it on a pedestal as one of those few Genesis titles you can brag about owning.


I think it's a great game and it's easily my favorite shmup on the system. However, I don't think it's necessarily that rare, and as Rex said, maybe "scarce" is a better way to categorize it. It's definitely not worth the price you will have to pay these days, but it is an awesome game.

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