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Broken Vectrex? I've tried almost everything!


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Hi everyone, I just made this account as a last ditched effort to revive my Vectrex. Long story short I bought it for $50 hoping it would be an easy fix, boy was I wrong. I've adjusted every pot inside the thing, seated all socketed chips and even replaced the 6522 and mc34004p chips. Still no progress. Even accidentally removed a few solder pads in the process, even worse, my sound sometimes just decides not to work for some random reason... So just keep this in mind.

Anyways onto the actually problem. My vectors don't connect/align properly. For example on Mine Storm my ship is a jumbled bit of lines and the enemies are either the same or 2/3 of a triangle or whatever they're supposed to be, some are connected while others just 'float out of place. I knew about the issue when I bought it but to be honest I had no idea it would be this much trouble trying to fix it.

Is there anyone who can shed some light on this cursed vectrex?

(I can even take pics and shoot a video later today and upload it)



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