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CGE 2014 - Las Vegas, September 12-14th

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It is with great pleasure that Classic Gaming Expo (CGE) 2014 is announced to be held at the Riviera hotel and casino in Las Vegas NV Sept 12-14!


While allot of new features are being added and improvements made to bring CGE attendees a bigger and better CGE with a commitment to repeat performance, CGE is and will remain the same CGE that is the big happy family reunion environment we all love. What will be the same? One of the things that sets CGE apart from other expos is the large and diverse alumi VIP presence, that will be as it always was, our past vendors and exhibitors will be invited to return as well as new vendors and exhibitors. The Video Game History Museum (VGHM) and auction will continue to be a core part of the expo and will be staffed by Joe Santulli, Sean Kelly, and John Hardie just as it always has been. Pricing is also largely unchanged! Vendor pricing is the same as previous years and weekend passes have seen only a nominal change which we have more than made up for with some great room rates and special features!


What will change? The VGHM has grown so much that the CGE services staff simply could not opperate both with the attention due, and a new crew mostly made up of RetroGaming Roundup staff has stepped up to help run the expo they love as much as you do.


The most obvious change is that a whole extra day has been added to CGE in recognition that many of you arrive in town on Friday and have been left to your own devices.


Extended hours! CGE will be open extended hours after the vendor section has closed so that you can spend more time with great gaming and the fellowship that is CGE.


More games! The arcade section and console sections now have dedicated department heads who will be expanding those areas with more games and events! The lobby of the Riviera features approximately 40 pinball and video games provided by the Pinball Hall of Fame in addition to the free-play arcade located in the CGE expo hall!


If you have ever attended CGE as a guest, alumni or vendor, if you have fond memories of a great year at CGE, or you always wanted to attend CGE; this is your year! So spread the word to every gamer you know and start checking the website and facebook for updates on registration, alumni, and all the other important matters!


Visit http://www.cgexpo.com for more information and to register.


If you are interested in exhibiting as a vendor click here (spots are filling up fast!) http://cgexpo.com/vendorinfo.php


Speaking on behalf of the entire CGE team, we hope to see you all there this fall!

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just to let you folks know I will have some of my trading cards with me from this year only 3 sets of 33 two sets are hand numbered 260 to 228 (I have to limit what I bring so instead of counting from 1(which is mine and those are already removed the original set) I went backwards from 260). these were from this years video game summit, and bunch of them have been handed out at the show but not numbered,but signed. won't have a table so if you see me at the show ask me for the cards.

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For Atari fans:


The Atari Alumni Panel (Atari Round Table Session) will occurring at 3:15 on Saturday. The normal panel format is being thrown out the window, and Curt and I will be recreating the unique group lunchtime chats that Atarian Steve Woita was able to help put together for us over two days during our interviews for Atari Inc. - Business Is Fun.




These alumni will actually be sitting around each other in the middle of the audience, discussing their time at Atari with each other and fielding questions from the audience. Alumni to include:


Steve Woita
Bob Smith
Howard Scott Warshaw
Tody Frye
Keithen Hayenga
Aaron Hightower
Bob Polaro
Rob Zdybel
David Crane
Don Traeger


That will immediately follow with Howard's talk at 5pm, at which Microsoft is attending and will be showing a special screening of their documentary Game Over, covering the myths and story behind Howard and ET as well as the recent dig in Alamogordo.

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Panel schedules will be posted outside of each of the two panel rooms. Look right when you get there so you don't miss something.


Also, I'd love to meet some of you. I'll be working the ticket counter most of the day on Friday and then in our RETRO Magazine booth Sat and Sun. Stop by and say "hey".




Thank you!


Have the panel details been posted anywhere yet?

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