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Graphical adventure using Missing Link


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I know, but it's so much easier on the eye in lower case!


For example:




(Showing my age with a Hobbit screenshot!)

Just seeing that reminded me of an advert in one of the UK computer magazines-it must have been about 1984 and said "sick of those reduced phoney lower case letters on your TI99/4a?-just send £150 to p.o box 231 for the secret to true lower case letters", it's not verbatim but that is basically what the ad said, still amuses me to this day.

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Looks good, is it possible to mix 80 column text with these split screen graphics?

Probably, I dunno ... Iv'e used 48 columns but 80 maybe with the 80 column card? ... that said those with the real metal will probably sit happy with 48 columns so they don't have to include extra hardware?

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