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I never had any contact to Spectrum users, most had a C64, I had some contacts with fellow TIers, but I was always wondering how the Spectrum compared to the TI.


Now with MESS, I finally had a chance to get a glimpse, but the first impression was quite, well, modest. In fact, now I know that our TI has a fairly pretty presentation with its master title screen, module selection, and the Basic. Although, as we know, the stock console has its disappointments, without any doubts.


So if you had a Spectrum, how did it "feel" like? (Apart from the rubber keyboard.)

It was great for a certain kind of computing and a certain kind of game playing, it is kind of difficult to define what I mean but computing on a spectrum at 11.30pm when you were 15 was great and was completely different from other machines.(this is not really making any sense is it?).

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