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Philia - Elansar Sequal


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Hi Orion, so I know you said: "I'm sorry but the game won't be available on Jaguar (too huge and complex comparing to Elansar)"... but JUST in case, I thought I would beg / plead... is there any chance on this Earth that you might still be willing to put Philia on the Jaguar, perhaps just as a CD? The game looks AWESOME... and I'd love to play it on the Jag.




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It makes financial sense for Orion as in someone elses words he's sitting on a goldmine with elansar let alone philia. It's obviously a case of his time that needs to be recompensed. I gotta say philia does look amazing but I would only play it on jag! Someone please just mail a jag cd unit to Orion !! Maybe felyx could design the cover art layout to save Orion's time a little. Just thinking out loud!!

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Please PM and the amount you'd like to donate.

So far:


drclue = $10

82-T/A = ?

Umberto = $20

jaglynxfanlife = $20


We're 1/3 there for a returb Jag cd.


Another option is to see if we can get a loaner or a donated jag Cd


I'll do $20 also...

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To answer Guitari, my JagCD unit died, so I can no longer produce a CD game.

And, a jagcd is very fragile, so I will surely not accept responsibility to borrow one of someone.

now for Philia, don't forget to add a Memory Track for saving, and you are up to more than 250$ of investment,

that was just for you to understand what this can cost me just to "port" a game on JagCD, not counting the weeks or months of coding I will have to put on this project.

as someone also asked me, why not porting Elansar on a Bandai Pippin ? easy right ? ...

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Put me down for $20 US to help buy a CD unit. Would love to see this on the Jag, but I understand that porting it will be no small task, and no small commitment from _Orion. Maybe a Kickstarter would be a good way to raise a bit more money, making the process of porting the game an appealing endeavor?

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