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The General Super Game Module game thread...


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List of SGM games I am currently working on which will most probably see a release this year (2014)...


- Goonies (Team Pixelboy) (100% done)

- Knightmare (Team Pixelboy) (90% done, english title screen missing)

- Twin Bee (Team Pixelboy) (95% done, going through alpha testing)

- Ghostbusters (Team Pixelboy) (70% done, not fully playable yet)


- Donkey Kong Arcade (Opcode Games) (80% done, missing bits here and there)


Games that might see a release this year (2014):


- Penguin Adventure (30% done, still porting)

- Arkanoid (70% done, missing bits and controller support)

* one or another, but not both....


Games with a tentative released date of 2015:


- Stone of Wisdom (Team Pixelboy) (not yet started)

- Spelunker (Team Pixelboy) (not yet started)


Games I have started but with no firm release date:


- Pengo (30%, intro done, working on gameplay)

- DK Jr (10%, preliminary, same engine as DKA)

- Dig Dug (10% preliminary, planning, graphics, etc. Same hardware as Galaga and Xevious, so really interested on this one)

- Rally-X (20%, intro done, working on gameplay, engine for smooth scrolling designed, could be used for Bosconian)

- Gradius (20% done, still porting)

- Moon Patrol (10% done, really challenging game to port, simulated smooth terrain and car animation)

- Maze of Galious (10% done, barely started)

- Moon Cresta (30% done, not sure if worth finishing)

- TRON game - grid engine done...

- Yie Ar Kung-Fu II (done long ago)

- Zanac (80% done, missing sound)

- Bosconian MSX (not sure if porting this or the arcade instead or none)


Disassembled games, but not yet started:


- Time Pilot

- Elevator Action

- Zaxxon

- Wild Western

- Popeye

- Mr Do!






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So are we looking at a usual Christmas day release for the Team Pixelboy games and Donkey Kong before that?

Me and Eduardo just finalized a publishing deal today, and I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to release Goonies, Knightmare, TwinBee and Ghostbusters. I'm still currently unemployed so I have to watch how I spend my money. I may even run a pledge drive or pre-order effort to gather some funds to get the boxes prepared and printed. Once the boxes are done, the rest tends to fall into place (beta-testing, preparing the manuals, assembling cartridges, etc.).


So that means I may release the games next fall instead of next Christmas. But I can't promise anything right now, I still have to evaluate the situation and try to plan ahead. It's possible I may release Ghostbusters early next year even if Eduardo finishes the software this year. But all these games are going to be released eventually before the end of 2015, that's for sure. :)

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This is Opcode's list...not Pixelboy's, so it looks like it's gonna be an expensive year!!! :D

Guess I was wrong...this is one of those times when I am somewhat glad to stand corrected! I am always down for more CV games, but at the same time, I am happy that I won't be shelling out a couple more Benjamins this year just to keep up!

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Looking forward to each of them. That's the spirit of keeping the ColecoVision alive and kicking



If you need help funding the releases shoot me a PM. Surely we can work out some co-publishing deal to get the releases out in a timely manner to saturate gamer's appetite for new exciting product.

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